Live Better In The Backcountry

School of Emergency Medicine

JHOLI provides a unique and vital approach to health and emergency medicine by incorporating the biological understanding of the nervous system’s intuitive and emotional workings and the framework for living a heart centered approach to life into our medical curriculums. We provide this through our American Heart Association and American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid courses and certifications, and SOLO Wilderness Medicine curriculum and certifications.

Students may enroll in our courses for non-credit or, for additional cost, obtain college credits. College credits are offered through our partnership with Central Wyoming College–Jackson Outreach. For full course curriculum info, choose a course listed below. For a full list of course dates, go to our Courses page by clicking here.

Health of the Self = Health of the Community = Health of the Environment


We provide frameworks that allow you to take responsibility for your physical and mental health.


Our trainings provide you the opportunity to give back and serve your community.


When we promote our own health and contribute to our community we better understand our connection and impact on the environment and how we can change our behaviors to become a more sustainable resident of the Earth.

CPR/AED & First Aid


Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Wilderness First Responder