About Us

Our curriculum the Biology of Spirit drives our pedagogy. Through this, we provide biological understandings of the nervous system’s intuitive and emotional workings. Individuals gain practices that promote health and well being that emphasize the importance of living a heart centered approach to life. Through these baseline understandings our intention is to help individuals better understand their responsibility to first serve one’s own mental and physical health. Resulting in a higher responsibility to serve one’s community, while limiting existing environmental impacts and promoting sustainability through a personal holistic health practice.

We offer this through the curriculums of CPR, First Aid & Wilderness Medicine and Holistic Health Seminars & Retreats. Join us to learn more about you.

Jacob Urban


30+ years ago I started walking a path. Countless miles spent in the mountains, climbing, guiding, teaching, rescuing and learning from nature, led me to myself.

Through a holistic health approach (The Biology of Spirit) I deliver mountain-based, emotional self-discovery experiences that create a responsibility to the self while developing community. I provide this through the mediums of avalanche education and emergency medicine as well as knowledge about how one fits into the surrounding Universe. Check out My Blog for a deeper dive into what that process looks like for me…enjoy!

Carol Viau

Senior Medical Instructor

I was born in Japan to a military family, and by the time I entered school I was already living in my third country. This may have planted the seed for my love of travel.

I initially moved to Jackson the day after graduating high school to work in Grand Teton National Park. I then began splitting my time between Alaska and Jackson for the summers and winter, while going to university during the spring and fall seasons. My friends finally convinced me to try Jackson year round. Other than the temporary relocating to the French Alps twice and Canada once, Jackson has truly been my home for my adult life.

I have worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a volunteer climbing ranger on Denali, as an Urban and Wilderness EMT, a ski patroller, ski instructor, and as a backpacking, wildlife tour and ski guide. I am also a long time volunteer on Teton County Search and Rescue. In the summer you can find me climbing, hiking, biking, and backpacking.

Natalie Connell

Creative Director

Having lived in numerous places in the US and abroad as a military kid, I have happily called Jackson,WY home since 2009. I’ve worked as a graphic designer in the outdoor industry since 2017, and formally joined the JHOLI team in early 2020. As a creative, I thoroughly enjoy getting to combine my passion for the outdoors and design.

I was exposed to outdoor recreation in high school, and followed my intrigue for it to college in California, where I became an avid snowboarder. In the years since moving to Wyoming, I’ve fallen in love with splitboarding, rock climbing and moving through the mountains. I am also a passionate landscape painter and am endlessly inspired by my time in the natural world. My work can be seen and purchased at www.nataliegconnell.com.

Meaghan Wheeler

Senior Medical Instructor

I am a native of coastal Massachusetts who grew up adventuring in the lakes, streams and forests of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I thrived on every opportunity to explore, to learn and to dream in the outdoors. Attending the University of Vermont for a BS in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology was a natural fit for me as I transitioned my wilderness experiences to the Green Mountains. After graduating I went in pursuit of larger mountains and a deeper snowpack, heading to Squaw Valley CA for several years and then transitioning to Jackson Hole.

Some of my most valuable learning experiences have come from sharing the outdoors with others and I feel fortunate to have gained wonderful insight from travel in areas such as Nepal, Antarctica, Tanzania, Patagonia, and the Alps.

In 2014 I returned to Conway, NH to obtain my WEMT certification with SOLO which led to my current position with Jackson Hole Fire/EMS as a Firefighter/EMT. The multidimensional nature of all hazards response in a wildland/urban environment and the positive impact we can have on our community has been a life changing experience. I have also worked as an ACA certified Kayak & SUP instructor, Alpine Ski Coach, and Ski Guide for Alaska Rendezvous Heli Ski Guides. I consider myself a lifelong learner and have found joy adding Swiftwater Rescue Tech, Rigging for Rescue, Avalanche Pro 1, and Red Cross BLS CPR Instructor to my “bag of tricks.”

When not working I can be found trail running with my husband and our fur friend Asher, reading a book, daydreaming about future adventures or out in my garden. I love instructing, sharing my knowledge with others and learning something new from each and every student!

Zina Horman

Senior Medical Instructor

I have been fortunate enough to have grown up spending a lot of my time in the outdoors. Primarily recreating in the Wasatch range I split my time between Utah and Sweden with summers in the latter. During my attendance at the University of Utah I began guiding for the university’s outdoor programs, trips, and classes which brought that interest to center stage in my life. My main activities have always skiing and rafting which lent well to my initial careers in jackson ski patrolling in the winter and raft guiding in the summer. After some time guiding I decided to sharpen my medical skills with a Wilderness EMT class. This is where I truly found my passion for medicine; specifically, teaching medicine. I decided to pursue a career in teaching wilderness medicine and currently instruct for Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute teaching CPR, Wilderness first aid and first responder classes. When I’m not in the classroom, I can be found in another one: pursuing my path to becoming a PA. It is an honor to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained from my time in the outdoors and studying medicine. I’m excited to see you in class!

Erynn Hargrave

Senior Medical Instructor

Growing up in Colorado I was lucky enough to have mountains as my backyard. When I started doing more solo trips into the backcountry I realized I didn’t have the proper knowledge if something went wrong. I would be pretty helpless when it came to any medical emergencies or something small like rolling an ankle miles away from the closest trailhead. That’s when I decided to get my Wilderness First Responder back in 2018. Taking that course sparked my love for wilderness medicine; since then I have continued my education my getting my Wilderness EMT, EMT Advanced/Intermediate, Avalanche 1&2, Red card for Wildland Fire, as well as high and low angle rescue. Currently I am working at St. John Health in Jackson in the ER and ICU as a Critical Care Tech; Volunteer for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, Pro Patroller at Snow King Mountain Resort, and contract out as medical personnel for Wildland fire crews all over the US. My goal is to prepare you for the amazing playground we have in our backyard here in Jackson Hole or wherever you recreate so you enjoy the outdoors with a bit more peace of mind knowing you have skills and knowledge to help yourself and others.

Zack Rinaldi

Assistant Medical Instructor

Being raised in the green mountains of Vermont offered great access to the outdoor world. I grew up ski racing, and after graduating felt directed to chase bigger mountains with freeriding. After completing a culinary degree I moved west for a related job opportunity and to develop my outdoor passions, which soon grew to include climbing and caving.

I was introduced to JHOLI when I took my Wilderness First Responder course, which coincided with a career pivot, and immediately saw I wanted to continue to learn and collaborate with the leadership institute. Education through JHOLI set me up for a successful first season patrolling full-time with Snow King.

I’m grateful and excited to be in the classroom supporting learning and skill development to set people up for success when exploring outdoors.