Avalanche Rescue

Leadership and Rescue Scene Management

Avalanche Rescue is an 8-hour module intended for individuals to develop and demonstrate leadership and group management on avalanche rescue scenes. Participants will be introduced to avalanche scene management, rescue coordination and rescue techniques. Participants will be evaluated on their performance at the end of the course with written and verbal feedback from the instructors. This course is a prerequisite for the Rec Level 2 and Pro 1 Avalanche Courses. 

Equipment List

Required equipment for all Avalanche Courses is provided on our Equipment List page.

Student Prerequisites

Participants must have the minimum backcountry avalanche gear: beacon, shovel, probe, pack and travel tool. Physically fit enough to carry a 20 lbs. pack, while skiing uphill and downhill in variable snow and weather conditions. It is strongly recommended having a WFA or higher medical training. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the importance of anticipating and knowing when you are entering into avalanche terrain.
  • Communicate the Group Plan
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a Group Trailhead Checks
  • Communicate Travel Protocols to the group and their importance
  • Describe and demonstrate priorities & actions to take if involved in an avalanche (as a victim or responder)
  • Demonstrate effective application of search techniques by leading and supporting, companion rescue for one and two beacon burials within specified times and search areas.
  • Describe and demonstrate methods and strategies used in locating burials without beacons
  • Describe likely medical issues to anticipate once buried victims are excavated
  • Understand the need for additional and continuous medical training